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The Salami Chair


"Fuori Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012" / Salone del Mobile Milan"

"City of Vilnius, Public Exhibition Summer 2021"

"Accouter Design London 2021"

The Salami Chair is a piece of eco design which combines art, design and the up recycle. During the restoration of my farm, I took this old oak beam, mounted two discarded chairs and put some wheels underneath to easily move it wherever you want and for any use. The furnitures can be also customized with more chairs. 


two recycled chairs

an old beam (more then 150 yo)

four wheels 

Salami Chair back.jpg

Fuori Salone del Mobile Milan (Italy) 2012. Young Ethic Design Award


Public Exhibition for the City of Vilnius (Lithuania) along with Apiece Gallery - 2021

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